A Chronological Timeline

1923 -- 1997

At a glance..


Oct. 27 - Station dedicated.
Nov. 29 - First station newspaper, The Hoist, published.


Jan. 10 - Streets named
Jan. 21 - 100th recruit company formed.
May 21 - Rear Adm. Ashley Robertson, Commandant, 11th Naval District, inspects station.
July 25 - Honorable Curtis D. Wilbur, Secretary of the Navy visits.
Aug. 8 - 700 midshipmen observe recruit review.
Sept. 5 - Construction begins on new golf course.
Oct. 2 - Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Theodore D. Robinson, dedicates golf course.
Oct. 17 - Hoist’s first editor, Chaplain Clinton A. Neyman, departs NTC.


Feb. 6 - Sgt. Henry Hollowell 86, oldest Marine, visits NTC.
May 8 - “Mother” Edith M. Ellsworth sends first of many mother’s day messages to Sailors.
June 23 - Rear Admiral W. R. Shoemaker, Chief of Bureau of Navigation, visits NTC.
Sept. 11 - Secretary of the Navy Wilbur visits.


July 9 - Three new schools begin: Sound School, Buglemaster and Cooks & Bakers School. 34 students enroll.
Sept. 24 - 400 NTC Sailors help welcome Charles Lindbergh to Balboa Park.


Jan. 26 - New swimming pool opens. 60 feet by 25 feet, 8 feet deep.
Aug. 14 - Secretary of the Navy Wilbur visits.
Nov. 10 - Medal of Honor awardee, Ship’s Cook 1st Class Jessie W. Covington, reports for duty at NTC.


July 10 - Assistant Secretary of the Navy Ernest Lee Jahncke visits NTC.
July 20 - Schools now consist of: “A” Bugler, Musician, Radio Operator and Electrical Schools; “B” Sound, Radio Material, Gyro Compass, Cooks and Bakers, Stenography, Buglemasters; “C” Recruiters and Annapolis Prep School.
Dec. 14 - Adm. Sellers receives Distinguished Service Medal.


Jan. 4 - NTC presents Mother Ellsworth with a loving cup.
March 15 - NTC begins naming streets for famous people.
Sept. 25 - Universal Pictures films "Sailor Beware" at NTC.


Feb. 14 - First Sound Motion Pictures Technician "A" school class graduates.
Apr. 18 - NTC receives two cups, four first prizes and an award of merit at the 24th Annual Spring Flower show at Balboa Park.
Aug. 4 - Rear Adm. Frank B. Uphan, chief of the Bureau of Navigation, visits NTC.
Sept. 5 - NTC receives talking picture movie equipment.


Oct. 21 - New barracks constructed for recruits.


Jan. 13 - Former NTC executive officer, Cmdr. Charles S. Keller, dies at NTC.
Aug. 16 - Assistant Secretary of the Navy Henry L. Roosevelt, visits NTC.


Jan. 27 - Sout Unit Parade Grounds get asphalted after more than 10 years as a dire area.
Apr. 7 - Rigging loft installed.
May 5 - James Cagney and director Lloyd Bacon filme movie "Hey Sailor."
Oct. 6 - Center Commander Capt. G. F. Neal selected for Rear Admiral.


Apr. 20 - Rear Adm. W. T. Tarrant, commandant, 11th Naval District, visits.
May 18 - Assistant Secretary of the Navy Henry L. Roosevelt, visits for the second time.


Jan. 2 - Center Commander Capt. David A. Weaver dies.
Sept. 5 - NTC wins first honors in "class display from civic, state or national institution" during 30th Annual Flower Show presented by the San Diego Floral Association.


Apr. 23 - Golf Course extension completed.
May 28 - Adm. E. C. Kalbfus, commander, Battle Force, visits.
Dec. 17 - New recreation room opens.


Oct. 27 - New Bugle School forms.


Apr. 22 - Secretary of the Navy Charles Edison visits NTC.


March - Delbert Black (first MCPON) enlists in the Navy. March 20 - New bowling alley opens.
Sept. 25 - President Roosevelt visits.
Oct. 16 - Ingram Plaza dedicated.
Oct. 17 - Model of H.M.S. Victory presented to NTC.


Jan. 26 - Bob Hope broadcasts from NTC.
Feb. 13 - New 6,000-seat boxing arean, six tennis courts and eight handball courts open.
Oct. 9 - Sam Snead reports for duty.
Dec. 1 - Mission Beach swimming pool taken over by Navy. Recruits march four miles to undergo swimming instruction.
Dec. 7 - First service held in North Chapel.


June 11 - 105 'Waves' stationed at NTC.


Jan. 28 - Harlem Globetrotters visit NTC's gym.
Feb. 18 - Yeorman "A" School commences classes.
Apr. 14 - NTS becomes NTC.
Sept. 15 - New firefighting school starts.


Oct. 27 - NTC opens gates to 300,000 civilians.
April 15 - 20,000 Sailors assemble on Prebble Field for memorial service for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Nov. 30 - Capt. E. A. Tarbutton relieves Capt. Curley at the Administrative Command.


Jan. 18 - Myrtle Olive Johnson becomes first female Chief Yeoman stationed at NTC.
Sept. 14 - Camps Lawrence and Luce close due to recruit reduction.


May 4 - New Hobby Shop offers instruction in airplane modeling, carpentry, painting, leatherwork and photo processing.
Sept. 26 - NTC receives Commandant Trophy for Athletic Excelence, 1948.
March 5 - Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz reviews graduation.
July 13 - 25 'Waves' becomes first women to transfer from reserve status to active duty.
Aug. 1 - SSC convenes first Dental "A" School


July 29 - USS Recruit (TDE-1) commissioned.


Jan. 6 - Five female Marines become the first to attend Yeoman School at NTC.
Feb. 17 - Lt. j.g. (Dr.) John W. Lee is first African American doctor to be stationed at NTC medical department.


Jan. 12 - Recruit training cut to nine weeks.
Jan. 19 - Camp Elliot Training Annex recommissioned.
March 16 - RTC graduates 70 companies; sets new record.
Dec. 7 - $3,000,000 allocated for construction of Camp Nimitz.


March 9 - Bob Hope broadcasts television show from Luce Theater.
June 1 - $6,000,000 dredgingin-construction begins to expand NTC.


March 6 - First Wave Petty Officer leadership school graduates 15 students.
June 20 - The Honorable Robert B. Anderson, Secretary of the Navy, visits NTC.
Nov. 6 - NTC receives Secretary of the Navy Award for Achievement in Industrial Safety for 1952.


May 15 - The Honorable Charles S. Thomas, Secretary of the Navy, visits NTC.
July 16 - NTC receives second Secretary of the Navy Award for Achievement in Industrial Safety for 1953.


Jan. 21 - Galley Six renovated at a cost of $400,000.
June 24 - Adm. Robert Carney, Chief of Naval Operations, visits.
Sept. 30 - Vice President Richard Nixon vists NTC to watch brother Edward graduate from RTC. Edward is selected as honorman for company #351.
Nov. 25 - New enlisted mens' club "The Ship's Bell," opens.


Jan. 14 - Adm. Arleigh Burke, Chief of Naval Operations, visits.
April 21 - The Honorable Charles S. Thomas, Secretary of the Navy, reviews recruit graduation.


May 10 - the Navy's first nuclear field recruit begins training here.


Aug. 15 - Construction begins on a new Bachelor Officer Quarters.


Feb. 6 - His Royal Highness, the Duke of Sparta, Crown Prince Constantine of Greece, was recruit graduation reviewing officer.


March 4 - NTC tests new "chukka" books for Navy.
March 25 - HMS Victory moves from South Armory to building 30.
June 24 - First Hawaiian recruits report to NTC after the state's admission.
Sept. 28 - Assistant Secretary of the Navy Richard Jackson, visits.
Oct. 27 - Admiral Arleigh Burke, Chief of Naval Operations, visits.


May 12 - Kansas governor John Anderson reviews graduation of 100 Kansas recruits.
May 19 - Secretary of the Navy John B. Connally Jr. visits NTC.
Oct. 27 - Admiral John H. Sides, CINCPACFLT and Paul B. Fay, Undersecretary of the Navy, visit NTC.



July 27 - NTC swimmers win 11th Naval District swimming trophy.


Jan. 18 - Undersecretary of the Navy Paul B. Fay, visits NTC.


July 10 - For the 11th consecutive year NTC receives the Secretary of the Navy Award for Achievement in Industrial Safety.
Dec. 18 - Admiral David L. McDonald, Chief of Naval Operations, visits NTC.


July 3 - "Sea Lanes" NTC's new bowling alley, officially opens.
July 12 - Construction begins on new galley.


Sep. 23 - New Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare galley opens giving NTC Sailors two dining facilities to choose from.


Jan 13 - Master Chief Gunner's Mate Delbert D. Black1, the first Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, attends recruit pass-in-review.
Feb. 3 - "Maintenance and Material Management" or "3-M" School, opens for fleet, surface and aviation personnel.
March 7 - USS Recruit decommissioned. Becomes a Training Destroyer Escort (TDE-1)
May 29 - "Man the boats" was heard for the last time, as whaleboat racing formally ended at NTC. The practice began in the 1920s.


Aug. 27 - Cmdr. (later Rear Adm.) Grace Hopper2, was guest speaker at a Defense Intelligence Agency Conference held at NTC.


Jan 24 - Lt. Col. William A. Anders, USAF, Apollo 8 astronaut, is guest of honor at recruit review.


May 14 - Admiral Elmo Zummwalt Jr., CNO, attends recruit graduation.
Aug. 27 - Capt. Robin L. Quigley, Waves director, visits NTC.


Feb. 15 - NTC becomes an official "training command", falling under Chief of Naval Technical Training.
July 7 - NTC's galley finishes second in the 1972 Edward F. Ney Memorial Awards competiton for best large mess ashore.
Aug. 18 - Rear Adm. Alene Duerk (Nurses Corps), the Navy's first female rear admiral, visits NTC, observes recruit pass-in-review.


March 30 - Capt. (later Vice Adm.) James B. Stockdale, was reviewing officer for pass-in-review.
May 16 - Capt. Robin Quigley beocmes SSC first female commanding officer.
June 1 - NTC holds 50th anniversary celebration.
Aug. 10 - Company 206 becomes first company to receive new officer-type dress uniforms, ending 50 years of "crackerjacks" at NTC.
Sept. 28 - Adm. Zumwalt visits NTC for a second time.


May 1 - New commissary opens in Building 1 (the former galley).


Jan. 30 - Admiral James L. Holloway III, CNO, visits NTC.


April 2 - Secretary of the Navy J. William Middendorf II visits NTC.


April 1 - New $1,000,000 Auto Hobby Shop opens in building 189.
May 31 - New consolidated uniform shop opens in building 232.
June 22 - Capt. Roger D. Munson relieves Capt. Robair F. Mohrhardt as commanding officer of Service School Command.


Aug. 10 - Admiral Thomas Hayward, CNO, holds conference at the AKC.
Oct. 18 - SecNav W. Graham Clayton Jr., visits NTC.
Nov. 8 - NTC named runner-up for CNO's Bronze Hammer Award in Self-Help Excellence.


Feb. 7 - Fire destroys Crow's Nest Petty Officers' Club. Damages set at $250,000.
March 28 - NTC wins 2nd place Navy Energy Conservation Award.


Jan. 11 - Recruit review held indoors due to inclement weather.
June - Dress jumper 'crackerjacks' or bell bottoms re-issued to recruits.
Aug. 18 - Cmdr. Beth F. Coye, PSA's first commanding officer, retires.


April 10 - MCPON Thomas S. Crow visits NTC; is guest speaker at CPO club.


March 17 - SecNav John F. Lehman Jr. visits NTC.
March 19 - M-1 rifle implemented in recruit training.
Dec. 21 - Capt. Roberta Hazard (later Rear Adm.) relieves Capt. M. E. Fladager as Administrative Command commanding officer.


Feb. 26 - Queen Elizabeth II visits San Diego.
April 4 - NTC receives Equal Opportunity Award for 1982 - 1983.
Oct. 28 - NTC celebrates 60th anniversary


January - NTC awarded CNO Bronze Hammer Award for self-help.
April 6 - Fire damages Luce Auditorium. Damages set at $35,000.
Oct. 20 - Fire completely destroys base laundry. Damages set at $1 million for structure, $350,000 for equipment.


July 24 - Adm. Chiles relieves Rear Adm. Norman D. Campbell as center commander.


March 11 - McDonald's restaurant opens at NTC.
Aug. 1 - John Finn Hall dedicated.


Jan. 23 - IC "A" School expands from eight to 22 weeks.
Sept. 25 - The Honorable Maureen O'Connor, Mayor of San Diego, is reviewing official at recruit graduation


Jan - NTC receives second CNO Bronze Hammer Award
May 6 - Supply Department receives Presidential Letter of Commendation and 'Presidential Management Award for customer service
July 8 - North Chapel receives VVAVES stained! glass window
Oct 1 - PSA formally disestablishes
Oct 21 - NTC receives its, first Automatic Teller Machine
Oct. 28 - NTC celebrates 65th anniversary


April 27 - Capt. Robert McClendon Jr. relieves Capt. Colin H. Saari as RTCs commanding officer
June 21 - NTC wins second place in Capt. Edward F. Ney award.


July 15 - Del Taco opens fast food restaurant at NTC.
Aug. 24 - SecNav H. Lawrence Garrett III, is reviewing officers at recruit graduation.
Sept. 7 - Adm. Frank B. Kelso II, CNO, visits NTC.


Dec. 13 - New CPO club opens at building 549, former marina. 1992.


Jan. 5 - MCPON ATCM(AW) Duane Bushey visits NTC.
Feb. 20 - NTC receives Silver Anchor Award for retention.
Dec. 5 - NTC celebrates 50th anniversary of North Chapel.


Jan. 22 - NTC receives another Silver Anchor Award for retention.
Jan. 29 - NTC's Child Development Center receives Bureau o f Naval Personnel's highest inspection rating.
July 23 - NTC selected to compete far CNO Bronze Hammer Award.
Sept. 17 - Congressman Duncan Hunter was guest of honor` at recruit graduation.
Oct. 29 - NTC celebrates 70th anniversary.
Nov. 19 - Approximately 2,500 people witness last seven companies with 540 recruits graduate.


Jan. 21 - NTC captures third consecutive Silver Anchor Award.
Feb. 17 - NTC chosen as first site for new Drug Education for Youth (DEFY) program.
March 23 - National Civilian Community Corps. (NCCC) announced it would be housed at NTC.
March 31 - RTC formally disestablishes.
May 6 - New Medical/Dental facility in building 624 opens. June 3 - Last BOOST graduation ceremony.
June 17 - Last "Hoist" newspaper published.


Feb. 24 - IC "A" School moves to Great Lakes.
Oct. 3 - Capt. Stephen L. Drake becomes NTC's last center commander.
Dec. 1 - Commissary receives Defense Commissary Agency runner-up award for Best Small Commissary Store in the country.
Dec. 1 - Sail-Ho golf course becomes 'a public golf course when it is turned over to the city o f San Diego.


July 17 - San Diego votes on future use of NTC land.
Sept. 5 - Last RM "A" school graduates.
Dec. 20 - SSC formally disestablishes.


March 21 - NTC formally disestablishes.





2000 and beyond..


1. Master Chief Delbert Black (1923 - 2000), first MCPON of the U.S. Navy. He attended Recruit Training Command at San Diego in 1941. Black assumed the duties as Senior Enlisted Advisor of the Navy on Friday, January 13, 1967 and on April 28th of that year the job title was changed to Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. He held the Navy’s highest enlisted position until his retirement in April of 1971.
2. Grace Brewster Murray Hopper (Dec. 9, 1906 - Jan. 1, 1992). Graduated from Vassar College in 1928 with a BA in mathematics and physics and joined the Vassar faculty. While an instructor at Vassar, she continued her studies in mathematics at Yale University, where she earned an MA in 1930 and a PhD in 1934. She was one of four women in a doctoral program of ten students, and her doctorate in mathematics was a rare accomplishment in its day. Joined the U.S. Naval Reserves in 1943. Went on active duty in 1967 and retired in 1986 as a rear admiral.