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Naval History

In this section you will find information and links articles about our Naval Heritage - uniforms, posters, command histories and more. We will concentrate on the history of the Navy in San Diego but will provide naval historical
items of interest that effected San Diego and the Sailors that served here.

San Diego Becomes US property

If it wasn't for the Sloop-or-war Cyane, San Diego may well have been part of Mexico today. Read about it here!

The Navy and San Diego - Early 1900's.

Long before there were any naval installations in San Diego, the US Navy and Sailors had found a port that they appreciated and where they were welcomed with
open arms.
Naval Air Station San Diego (NASNI)
Naval Station San Diego
     The Destroyer
Naval Training Station/Center San Diego

     Recruit Training

San Diego Afloat Commands

Links to ships web sites are maintained on our links page.

As we grow we'll be posting more historical information on the San Diego area commands. There are several hundred US Navy commands located in San Diego and this will be a large task.

Important Navy Facilities to the San Diego area

China Lake
(Although not a San Diego command, this unique facility has a significant effect on the Navy in San Diego. A short drive away - it is a facility worth visiting.)


One of the first items a recruit learns about. Navy uniforms were established on tradition of the sea services. Since the 1970's the Navy's enlisted uniform has significantly changed several times. Dress uniforms have gone from the traditional jumper and bell bottom pants to a suit similar to the CPOs and Officers, and back again to the jumpers and bell bottom pants. We are digitizing older uniform regulations and posting them on our site. More information here on Uniforms..


Posters have been used as recruiting tools since the late 1800's. We have reproduced and posted a Navy publication about WWI posters and will post more as time goes on. Collecting posters can be rewarding but the buyer needs to aware that many posters are reproductions. Click Here!






Link to Navy Jobs Web Site

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