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WWI Posters

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WWI U.S. Navy Posters
With splendid devotion to great cause, American artist came instantly forward and gave their services to the Navy. They came with a large heart and for no pay. The pages of this booklet testify to their patriotic willingness to serve the Navy in stimulating. Painters, poster-makers and illustrations of this country, and Mr. Brangwyn of England, Mr. Raemaekers of Holland, have done their work with distinction and often at personal sacrifice. Their artistic efforts have not only received the praise of critics but have filled the primary and important purpose of helping the Navy increase its enlisted personnel.
     The Navy expresses its thanks and appreciation.
March 1, 1918 (Signed   LC Paleuer)
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy
 Chief of Bureau of Navigation

From "Posters Issued by U.S. Navy, 1918

Click on the picture above or the WWI U.S. Navy Posters link above to view the digital reproduction of the booklet


     The booklet was produced in 1918 in black and white although most of the posters were produced in color. You can click on each picture to get a larger view.

     These posters are part of the history of the U.S. Navy and were the primary recruiting tool of WWI. Without communications like this, San Diego's Naval Training Station at Balboa Park would have had many less Sailors to train or defend the nation.

     Although thousands of posters were printed during WWI it is rare to find a real poster from this period of time. There are many reproductions, and they vary greatly in their quality. The booklet offers the size of each poster that was produced and most reproduction ARE NOT the same dimensions. This is the easiest tell-tale sign of a reproduction. Posters of this era were produced on fairly light weight paper. If you have a poster that has a glossy finish or is printed on a heavy weight paper, it IS a reproduction.

     If you collect WWI posters you'll find this digitized booklet invaluable.

     Posters were so successful during WWI that the military services still use then today as they are an inexpensive tool to use for recruiting. In the future we'll post digitized posters of the U.S. Navy.




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