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"Cradle of the Navy" was published in 1996 in honor of the Naval Training Center's history. Only 500 of these books were produced!

The author, Mary Camacho and the San Diego Navy Historical Association, Inc is digitally reproducing this limited edition book and publishing it on the web.

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"Winds of Change, The History of the Office of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, 1967-1992"

This book has been digitally converted for display on the web.  It was primarily reproduced so that over 5,000 new Chief Petty Officers could use it as a reference in their indoctrination and for those who wish to know more about the Master Chief Petty Officers of the Navy.

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San Diego's Naval Training CenterSan Diego's Naval Traning Center (Images of America)

by Jennifer A. Garey

San Diego's Naval Training Center (NTC) was commissioned on June 1, 1923, and for 70 years served as a young recruit's introduction to a naval career, beginning with nine weeks of basic orientation and organization training (BOOT) camp. Originally consisting of 135 acres adjacent to San Diego Bay, NTC eventually expanded to almost 550 acres with 300 buildings, landscaped promenades, parade grounds, and a concrete training non-ship, the USS Recruit (a.k.a. USS Neversail), where recruits learned their first duties of seamanship. Advanced training schools were later added for military personnel learning specialized duties. After training hundreds of thousands of recruits, NTC was officially closed on April 30, 1997, and has since been transformed into San Diego's new and vibrant cultural center, Liberty Station.

About the Author
Jennifer A. Garey is president of Arts & Antiquities, Inc., which provides consultations, collections management, and exhibitions for museums, corporations, and private collectors. Her professional museum experience spans over 25 years with institutions such as the San Diego Historical Society, the J. Paul Getty Museum, and the Smithsonian Institution. She has compiled here a brief pictorial history of the recruits, schools, and community, which grew and trained together in what was once the highlight of the U.S. Navy, the San Diego Naval Training Center.

  • Publisher: Arcadia Publishing SC
  • Pub. Date: November 2008
  • ISBN-13: 9780738559582
  • 128pp


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Navy Boot Camp
By J.F. Leahy

From the Publisher
Through words and pictures J.F. Leahy chronicles the transition of eighty-one men and women from civilian to Sailors as U.S. Navy Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois. Revealing a side  of today's youth that many will find surprising, his examination of this unique American Institution-- popularly known as boot camp -- officers look into the heart and minds of a group of young people who are a cross section of the nation. During the fall of 2000, the author was granted unlimited and unprecedented access to the recruits from the time they arrived at Chicago's airport until their graduation. Observing their training evolutions first hand, he interviewed them at every opportunity and surveyed them through a series of his own specially designed reaction papers. He watched them as they struggled through obstacle courses and learned how to fight shipboard fires. He listened as they shared their feelings, and he cheered them on as they faced the challenges of "Battle Stations" and tested their physical, mental, and moral preparations before entering the fleet. Leahy also shared their pride at the final parade and graduation ceremonies. Both eye-opening and inspiring, his guide will be valuable to future recruits and those who influence them, as well as though who have been to Recruit Training Command and want to reminder of that special times in their lives.

Published by

Naval Institute Press
291 Wood Road
Annapolis, MD 21402

@2002 by J.F. Leahy
ISBN 1-55750-536-5

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San Diego's Navy

by Bruce Linder

San Diego's popular standing as the quintessential "Navy Town" is only part of a rich and vibrant maritime history that has defined a unique partnership between Navy and city for more than one hundred fifty years. Beginning with its intrepid seizure of the city during the opening days of the Mexican War, the Navy has been fully entwined within the activities of this energetic metropolis, each sharing in advantages bestowed by the other. San Diego skies have witnessed the birth of naval aviation and San Diego waters the perfection of aircraft carrier and destroyer tactics. San Diego has also served as the Navy's technology crucible for more than seventy-five years with such advances as radio, sonar, cruise missiles, and modern Information Technology helping to transform the city into the high-tech powerhouse it is today.

The generously illustrated book tells the intriguing story of how a reluctant Navy department slowly realized San Diego's attributes and then took bold action to consolidate its position. A parade of rousing personalities that include plucky congressmen, activist local officials, insightful naval officers, and other San Diegans, highlight the pages. This discerning history provides a sweeping and long overdue view of the city and base that has influenced the lives of countless thousands of American Navy men and women and their families.

From the Publisher The San Diego Book Award Association has named "San Diego's Navy" the winner of one of their Annual Book Awards for 2002.

Published by

Naval Institute Press
291 Wood Road
Annapolis, MD 21402

@2001 by Bruce Linder
ISBN 1557505314

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