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Why a naval museum and why now?

An opportunity is here now!

The Navy and maritime services in San Diego had a significant historical impact on the county of San Diego. Millions of people have been affected or are effected every day.

The 75 years of Naval Training Center's history, the history of the US Navy and it's Sailors involvement in San Diego since 1846, deserves more than just monuments or buildings in recognition of this unique relationship and the history needs to be preserved before it is lost!

Click here to find out about the beginning of San Diego as US Property and how the Navy was involved.

The millions of citizens that spent a large part of their lives dedicated to providing and defending for America and San Diego deserve this recognition!

The museum and facilities could provide an educational opportunity for our youth so they may learn by past experiences!

The Museum would enhance the community and  demonstrate the community’s commitment to those who have served San Diego and their country.

The Museum would complement the the MCAS Leatherneck Museum,  MCRD Museum,  San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum, “Midway Magic," San Diego Historical Society, San Diego Maritime Museum, War Memorial, and the Veteran’s Memorial Center.





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