Preserving San Diego's Naval Heritage



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What is envisioned? (summary)
(This vision will change as we look at the possibilities and what would benefit San Diego)

Naval Museum San Diego could be the only naval museum west of Washington DC that preserves and displays naval history that is not related to a specific specialty or time frame.
Display, archive and disseminate information about the history of the local naval bases and maritime services.  
what-CrackerJacks.jpg (24842 bytes) Provide an extensive uniform history of the Navy, maritime services, Naval Sea Cadets, Sea Scouts and Junior NROTC.
Provide a library about Navy and maritime services and archive historical information before it is lost or destroyed. UniRegs.jpg (144842 bytes)
PIC00010.jpg (92948 bytes) Provide education on the customs, courtesies and ceremonies of the Navy and maritime services.
The museum would be able to demonstrate the changes and influences of the Navy and maritime services to San Diego.






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