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Picture of Eagle over flagA training facility such as the RECRUIT at the south end of NTC. The RECRUIT was built in the late 1940’s as a 2/3 scale model of a US Navy Destroyer Escort. Through the years the ship was upgraded to a Guided Missile Fast Frigate. As it was originally, it would remain with the capability for overnight stays with a complete standard US Navy berthing (sleeping) area, heads (bathrooms), and a galley would be added. (No longer feasible)

Training and educate youth in the nomenclature of ships, naval history, basic deck seamanship, marine science, naval customs, courtesies and traditions. In addition tours could be conducted, a memorabilia shop and information center opened, plus the immediate area would be used for nautical ceremonies and a few spaces could be rented for meetings and educational uses. This becomes a hands-on, interactive training facility, which would retain the original design and uses of such a historic and unique facility.

The second part of the triad is a premier archive and research center using the latest technology to retrieve and publish information. The archives would be relative to naval and maritime history of the San Diego area. The center would provide the main control center for computer based interactive kiosk in a museum. The center wwould transfer historic documents into a digital format and will be capable of retrieving and reproducing any information that has been stored in the computer systems. The center would maintain a paper archive of items directly related to the US Navy in San Diego and will work with other San Diego organizations to ensure important historical information is not lost.

In addition the center would have a library and computer systems available for anyone to conduct research. Some interesting items might include documentation of everyone who was trained at NTC, a pictorial library of US Navy ships that have been homported in San Diego, digitized US Navy Uniform Regulations from 1864 to present, and historical archives of all naval bases in San Diego. The system would allow visitors to pull up records of their relatives and the training that they received at NTC San Diego, pictures of these individuals and pictures of their training groups would be available both in digital and printed formats. We will work closely with other marine, veteran and maritime groups to build an electronic historical archive that could be accessed from any of the other organizations and to minimize duplicating work others had done.

The center would be responsible for running all computer systems in support of the naval/maritime museum. Computer-based simulators could simulate bridge operations of a vessel underway.

Ane Archive/research center would house the the Quarterdeck. The quarterdeck of a naval ship is a place to carry out official functions and the entry point to a ship. If you want to find someone on the ship or what operations are going on, the personal on the quarterdeck have the information or the authority to get it, or direct action as required.

The Quarterdeck would serve as an introduction to all things of historic value in San Diego realted to the Navy.

Picture of Eagle over flagThe third part of our triad is the museum/exhibition area of naval and maritime history in San Diego. Now public locations that once were US Navy could comprise part of the museum with displays in every historic building, a walking tours established, and computer kiosk. The central core could feature; History of Navy Uniforms from 1900 to current uniforms and examples, History and pictures of NTS/NTC/SSC/RTC, history and pictures of San Diego commands, Fleet Sonar/Undersea Warfare items of interest, Ships Plaques, interactive computerized Kiosk, an OOD simulator, Navy Divers history, Navy Environmental Protection and traveling exhibits. The focus of the exhibits would be tailored towards the men and women who trained and were trained here.


Thought provoking questions that could be answered in one location with easy access to the information.

USS RECRUIT 1950's History provides many insights into our society. It is also one of the hardest subjects to keep our youth interested in. Give them hands on history lessons and they’ll retain the lessons learned from the past!

How many shipyards does San Diego have? What are the employment opportunities?
How has your job been effected by the maritime or naval services?
What happened to the fishing fleet?
What maritime activities are here in San Diego today?
San Diego was once home to over a thousand ships?

Does the maritime service or the US Navy still have jobs available?
San Diego was once home to Capt. Nimitz. Was he the same well known Admiral Nimitz?
Is 32nd Street Naval Station the largest Surface warfare center in the world?
How many nuclear reactors have been in San Diego at the same time?
What would my lifestyle be if I was part of the maritime services or the US Navy?
Are our youth really interested in naval and maritime history? Sea Cadets painting USS RECRUIT




Click here for background information of a vision for a naval museum.


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