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Naval Museum

These pages provide information of naval museum vision, why to establish a museum, what could provided and plans to guide making a museum of this nature, a reality.

A conceptual plan would be next planning step. The conceptual plan shouyld result in several drawings of the interior of the the museum with a few of the possible exhibits and the library. Along with the drawings there should conceptual guidelines on what should be included in the facilities, how it will be used, and highlight the benefits of each facility.

 The conceptual plan becomes the blueprint of our vision. Create an interactive museum and not just one of items and pictures being displayed is basic to the plan.

Some suggestions received include:

  • a simulator in the USS RECRUIT allowing you to "drive" a Navy war ship while at sea. (A perfectly safe environment where a ship collision or the misfiring of weapon would not effect anything)

  • a computerized database that will include the names  of those who attended training at Naval Training Center and information relevant to their tour of duty.

  • Navy uniform regulations will be digitized and available through the museum, library or web site for search.

  • displays will be made of various navy uniforms that were authorized since 1917 (we have a few that you probably didn't know existed)

  • an area the describes how the Navy takes a young civilian and creates a Sailor that becomes part of team responsible for operating mega-million dollar ships or aircraft. Keep in mind the average age of these Sailors is in the early twenties.  The Navy also gets these same young Sailors to pick up their stuff and make their beds. I'm sure a few people would like some hints on how this is accomplished!

  • Who are these people that train these young civilians into Sailors. Maybe you'd like to get the opportunity to give this a try!

There are hundreds of ideas - but we want your ideas! Send your recommendations via e-mail,




Click here for background information of a vision for a naval museum.


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