San Diego's Naval Heritage

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Most Common Questions

  • Where can I get a picture of my recruit company?
  • How can I locate someone from my recruit company?"
  • Where can I get a copy of the "Anchor" book for company?

No permanent records were kept of who was in which company or of the photos that were taken.

There are sign-in sheets from the first day of reporting to RTC in archives at the Navy History & Heritage Command in Washington D.C. Contact the command for how you can research their records.

Photos taken at book camp for the Anchor Book and the printing of the Anchor books were done under contract. Typically the contractor only kept the last years worth, however when the command closed all photos and extra books were disposed of.

Quick Links
What's a LPD?
LPD's are warships that embark, transport, SeeBees and land elements of a landing force for a variety of expeditionary warfare missions.

Flag Etiquette Etiquette

Here is a great page for Flag etiquette and this site contains the history of our flag as well. You might also want to check out

From Yesteryear to Today
.. The History of the Navy in San Diego.

post cards in Interent ExplorerView San Diego Navy History through postcards.

Presented is a collection of nearly 70 postcards relating the history of the Navy in San Diego.

From as early as 1908 up though the 1960s these postcards offer a view of Navy history from what people purchased and wrote short notes about their visits.

Check Out Our Online Books on Navy History

Winds of Change

The History of the Office of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, 1967-1992 (Added information about MCPON Tom Crow - 8 Dec 2009)

Cradle of the Navy

The History of Naval Training Center San Diego 1923-1997

Recruit Training San Diego - 1950

Uniform Regulations - 1897 - 1947

Books about the history of the Navy in San Diego

San Diego's Naval Training Center (Images of America)

Images of America - San Diego's Naval TrainingCenter book cover

by Jennifer A. Garey

A photographic history of San Diego's Naval Training Station/Center consisting of 200 photographs from the original Naval Training Station at Balboa Park San Diego through the bases closure in 1996, and few photographs of the former base now named Liberty Station.

Information about other books are listed on our Books Page as well.


USS San Diego CL-53
Visit the home page of this historic ship and crew.

The second most decorated ship in naval history! Learn about the memorial in San Diego!


Is the current ship to be named in honor of the city of San Diego. April 30th, 2004
USS San Diego CL-53 Memorial guest speaker Vice Admiral Timothy W. LaFleur, Commander Naval Surface Forces, on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy, declared LPD-22 will be the 4th ship named in honor of the city San Diego.

USS SAN DIEGO LPD-22,commssioned in San Diego 19 May 2002- photos of the commisioning This will be the fourth "San Diego." The first was the armored cruiser (ACR 6) which was later renamed USS California, the second is the infamous WWII light cruiser (CL 53), and the third a combat stores ship (AFS 6).

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